Flowers Tel Aviv

Free flower delivery in Tel Aviv

Looking for a flower shop in Tel Aviv? Want to send flowers in Tel Aviv? Or maybe flower deliveries to relatives in Tel Aviv?

You have come to the right place! Amaryllis Flower Boutique is your store in Tel Aviv,

Amaryllis has a huge variety of magnificent flower bouquets designed in a European and meticulous style, flower arrangements, mourning wheels, chocolates, vases, accessories, furniture,

, in addition to a large variety of potted plants for the home, bonsai gardens and original Japanese gardens prepared in the store.

In our stores, Amaryllis is a complete concept of design in the heart of Tel Aviv's urbanity, the store is designed as a French boutique that everyone who enters has developed

Fascinated by the atmosphere and its eclectic and interesting style, in an antique and luxury furniture store full of designed items for the home and sculptures.

We believe that interweaving flowers is an art in its own right, therefore each of our products is like an exact painting that many people thought about making

You can choose from our website or build a bouquet according to your personal taste, there are seasonal flowers that change according to the seasons of the year, the store has a large selection of flowers

which change according to the period, by ordering through us you can receive recommendations on recommended flowers.

Our flower shop is located in Ben Yehuda, room 56

For free deliveries in Tel Aviv 055-9782374

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