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"Mommy, do you remember that we have a meeting with Hila today at a quarter past six", "Which Hila?" Gadi asked as he yawned a huge morning yawn.
"A halo of design for every event, have you forgotten?" Dana said opening her eyes in wonder. "You remember we're getting married right?" Dana giggled.
"Ah Hila who was with my sister Hana in class lol, of course I remember, I thought we were done with her and everything was closed already, I'll come pick you up after training my love".
Gadi replied and stroked her hair. "There are still a few things left open, we have to choose a flower design and a canopy."

פרחים תל אביב

Gadi and Dana have been together since high school, after seven years of marriage, Gadi got down on his knees and proposed to her in the most romantic way that could be expected from a guy who weighs close to one hundred and twenty kilos, most of which are muscles, he had the appearance of a bodyguard but one of the tough ones for a reason.
Gedi has been involved in bodybuilding since the age of 15, and from then until today, you can count on one hand the number of times he missed training.
In the army he was a sports instructor at the officer school and when he was released he enrolled in studies at the Wingate Institute. His dream was to open a gym for personal and group training.

Of course he succeeded and now owns one of the most successful gyms in Tel Aviv. Dana or rather "Dana the Beautiful" as everyone called her, was the barbie of the school
And no one was surprised when her love story with Gadi came to light. As one of the most beautiful women, Dana was interested in beauty and cosmetics from a young age, and her dream was to open an institute
Beauty, and like her lover, she also fulfilled her dream and opened a beauty salon, not before she finished cosmetology studies with one of the most respected teachers in Israel.

"I'm downstairs from my mother" Gadi wrote on WhatsApp, "I'm going down for five minutes" answered Dana. After about ten minutes of driving, they arrived at Hila's office.
"Hello, my beauties" Hila greeted them with a hug and a kiss. "What will you drink?" "I'm just water, thanks" said Gadi "I'd love to become weak" Dana smiled.
Hila was a household name in the central region and some say she is number one in the country. She worked with the most respected professionals in every field related to event design, from designing the tables and chairs to arranging the flowers.
"Well, my dears, today we will mainly go over the subject of flowers, which includes: the design of the vehicle, in your case the limousine, the bridal bouquet, the arrangement of the flowers at the entrance,
The arrangement of the flowers on the path leading to the canopy, the design of the canopy of course and the design of the tables."

Is there anything in particular you would like? In terms of flower colors, types of flowers? "I don't understand anything about it," giggled Gadi, "but Dana sure knows what she wants."
"The truth is that I want everything to be white, with big white flowers and a special design, I don't know, not something ordinary. I want it to have an atmosphere of being abroad" said Dana.
I also think exactly like you that a wedding in white is really an atmosphere of abroad and if you choose the right flowers everyone will forget that they are in Israel.
For this I chose to work with "Amaryllis" it's a boutique store on Ben Yehuda Street and it also has a stunning website.

Amaryllis flowers Tel Aviv

I chose Amaryllis because it gives me a comprehensive solution from the design of the vehicle to the arrangement of the center of the table in the hall.
He always brings the freshest flowers at the best prices from the best flower growers in the country.
Regarding a bridal bouquet, I'm debating between white roses and a white candle, what do you say Dana? Can I combine? Dana asked, can we do whatever you want dear, answered Hila.
Everything looks stunning and I really don't know what to choose, I really trust your taste. Can you tell me more about the store? Dana asked.
Probably answered Hila.

Amaryllis - your flower shop in Tel Aviv

Amaryllis is a one-of-a-kind flower shop that brings French chic and the meticulous and rich European culture to the large Israeli volume. The store has been in existence for sixteen years and Esi, the owner of the store, has been in the world of flowers since the age of thirteen.
At Amaryllis you will find a professional and dedicated team specializing in beautiful artistic weaving of bouquets of fresh flowers in a variety of colors and fragrances, flower arrangements, Bridal bouquets and unique and imaginative bonsai combinations in a variety of styles.
In addition, you will find in the flower shop, amaryllis, a wide selection of orchids, one-of-a-kind antique furniture, designed pots, house and garden plants, original car decorations, helium balloons, boutique wines, handmade greetings and more.