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חנות הפרחים שלנו מבצעת משלוחי פרחים לרמת אביב והסביבה , תוך מתן דגש על איכות הפרחים
ושזירה מקצועית ויחודית , אמריליס בוטיק פרחים הינה החנות שלך ברמת אביב.

פרחים רמת אביב אצלנו באמריליס בוטיק פרחי

When you are looking to send flowers to Ramat Aviv, the decision to choose the right florist is complex and from the large selection

You can easily get confused and not really know which bouquet to send and which Ramat Aviv flower shop.

Amaryllis can be the ultimate choice from Bekinath, Amaryllis is a one-of-a-kind flower shop managed by Assaf Levy

A dopalm flower weaver who has been in the flower market for many years and has a developed and original aesthetic sense,

At Amaryllis we make flower deliveries to all areas of Tel Aviv and the surrounding area, especially flowers to Ramat Aviv and its neighborhoods, at Amaryllis they place great emphasis on quality

The flowers and all the products sold by us, the deliveries are made quickly and responsibly.

What is the right way to choose the ultimate and correct flower bouquet for your event?

There is a wide variety of flower bouquets and each style is different from the other, let's start with the rustic style, it will usually be in warm shades of orange, yellow, red

Its interweaving is made up of a large variety of field flowers such as baboons, sunflowers, asters of various kinds, the resulting look is rustic and this is a chosen bouquet

As a gift for grandmother, or mother or for an event designed in a rustic style.

Another style is the elegant look, it is a bouquet woven from taller, more elegant flowers, most of its shades are bright pastels

Ramat Aviv is the place for the elegant and prestigious bouquets, the bouquets consist of black lilies, daylilies, roses, and basically all the flowers that are considered more prestigious

We will usually send this bouquet to impress the company on a birthday or just for an event where we need to send something impressive that conveys luxury

Flower deliveries Ramat Aviv.

Another style for Ramat Aviv flowers, can be the romantic style that is sent on Valentine's Day to a woman and perhaps to woo someone

Whether it's our partner or we want it to be, most of these wreaths will consist of red roses or other colors

Or from tulips in season that create a slightly more sophisticated look

What products can you find in our store?

Of course you can find with us a great variety of special wreaths of all styles, flowering pots, orchid pots, bonsai gardens

Orchid gardens, chocolates, helium balloons, and special accessories for the home

Our store specializes in creating original bonsai gardens, built in special vessels, in which we plant a bonsai tree and dwarf plants around it.

The created look is special of a miniature garden, it can be integrated in any corner of the house and it will add an elegant and special look

Our gardens are special and are an original item unique only to our flower shop, highly recommended.

How do you make flower deliveries in Ramat Aviv and where is our flower shop located?

In order to send flowers to Ramat Aviv and the surrounding area, there are two options, one is through our website

We receive the order directly through the website and immediately after it we contact you to complete the order, another option is to call the store

And we will make sure to fill in all the details for you, both ways are simple.

Amaryllis Flower Boutique is located at Ben Yehuda 33 in Tel Aviv, Ramat Aviv flower deliveries are free with purchases over NIS 120.

You can contact us at: 055-9782374

Every day from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m

We would be happy to have you join our satisfied clientele, greetings Amaryllis Botakflowers, your flower shop in Ramat Aviv.

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