A flower shop in Ichilov

Free flower deliveries to Ichilov

Amaryllis Flower Boutique has been working with Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv for many years.

In our store you can find a wide variety of special flower bouquets woven in a meticulous European style,

In addition, you can find potted plants, orchids, Japanese gardens, and unique bonsai gardens.

The store is located at 33 Ben Yehuda Street in Tel Aviv

For orders: 055-9782374

Did you want to send flowers to Ichilov Hospital? Did you want to send an orchid to a close friend who gave birth in Ichilov?

Or just to make a dear person happy who was hospitalized in Ichilov? You have come to the right place. Amaryllis is your choice.

We will be happy to serve you too.

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חנות פרחים באיכילוב